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Why should every child be a member of Scholars Academy? That’s an easy one… We all want the best for our kids. Give your child the confidence and life skills to make their dreams come true. Scholars Academy is so much more than a karate or kickboxing dojo. We are an academy who cares about your academic and professional career. Scholars Academy students understand that everything they do on and off the mat represents their parents and their academy. That’s right, us! Your child’s behavior, attitude, and mannerism is a direct reflection of not just you but the company they keep. So if you want to be part of something great, scholars academy is the place for you and your family. We're all about accountability! If you see this shirt on one of our kids we want to know what you see. Do you see a well mannered young man or lady or do you see a kid you wouldn’t want your child to hang out with? Whatever you see, we want to know.

Our Main Programs:


Arguably the most well-known martial art in the world, Karate is a striking based fighting style that does not include grappling in its training. Relying on keen focus and a firm center of gravity, Karate teaches you how to strike correctly but more importantly that you must understand the reason behind your strike. Our youth karate program is broken down into 4 different age and ability level classes to maximize learning. Students will learn our scholar karate form (inspired by world champion Rika Usami), kickboxing, basic Jiu Jutsu for self-defense, and sport karate for competition point fighting. They will also learn our scholarly rules of engagement to help them deal with bullying, as they advance to black belt through our 9 stage belt system.

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The benefits of Martial Arts Scholars Plus outnumber all other after-school programs:

  • Studies have shown that Martial Arts training can help your child improve confidence and develop leadership skills necessary to succeed in life.
  • Convenient after school Martial Arts lessons.
  • Transportation to academy
  • Daily Martial Arts lesson
  • Snacks available
  • Homework assistance available
  • FUN!
  • Early Release Day Pickup
  • Check out time is by 6:30 pm

Program Fees:

Scholars Plus Members

$495 per month includes membership, plus $199 Registration Fee. New Members receive the following: Bag, Boxing Gloves, Welcome folder, Wristband, Full Uniform, Belt, Scholar Bucks Card, and a Scholars Academy Lanyard. Being a member allows your child to come to any classes offered, 6 days a week. You are also able to participate in demos, tournaments, and other activities.


Forms are an essential part of what we do at Scholars Academy and the sport of martial arts in general. Our Scholar Form is a karate Kata called Chatan Yara Kusanku. It is a champions worthy kata demonstrated by world champion Rika Usami. Student members will learn the basics of the form and try to master their breathing, balance, alignment, and weight distribution through the form. This class is for anyone looking to improve their coordination, balance, confidence, and focus.

Adult Kickboxing

Do you want to learn how to fight, have a blast, and get into the best shape of your life? Well here's your opportunity! Scholars Academy’s adult kickboxing class is fun, educational, and outstandingly beneficial. Whether you got the Distance Learning Blues or you just want to get out of the house for a while, we got you covered. Our kickboxing class will not only get your blood pumping, but you will learn how to defend yourself as well.

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Family Kickboxing

You asked for it. You got it! Now you can train alongside your child. Learn what they’re doing on the mat, have them help you with your fundamentals, or work side by side with your scholar in this family fun group class.

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In this camp, participants will learn basic shooting, dribbling, passing, defensive, and offensive skills. Our goal is to help our kids learn the basics of the game to give them a leg up in the sport.

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