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Kids Karate

Reveal your child’s potential with Scholars Academy’s expertly designed karate lessons for ages 4-18. This comprehensive program extends beyond teaching self-defense, fostering essential life skills such as discipline, determination, focus, and self-confidence. Our seasoned instructors lead each session, ensuring an enriching experience that shapes character and ignites a passion for personal development.

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The Value of Karate Can Transform Your Child

Enrolling your child in our karate program goes beyond teaching self-defense techniques. Through consistent daily training with trained child educators, your child will develop invaluable life skills such as confidence, self-respect, and discipline. Moreover, the physical aspect of karate will enhance their fitness levels, coordination, and overall well-being, setting them on a path toward a healthier, more confident, and more balanced lifestyle.

Students Will Train From a Seasoned Karate Instructor

When you register your child at our academy, they’ll be trained by the highly accomplished Mr. Baker, a certified California and New York teacher, fitness trainer, martial artist, and life coach. With decades of experience teaching kids and practicing martial arts, Mr. Baker is the real deal when it comes to teaching kids karate. His academic credentials include an undergraduate degree in Elementary Education, a Master’s in Secondary Education, and a Minor in Sports Science and Coaching.

Why Scholars Academy?

While many institutions offer kids karate training, there are none quite like ours.

Here is what sets us apart from the rest:

  • We are the only Martial Arts Academy that competes State and Nationwide
  • We have 14 Grand Champion Student Members
  • We have some of the best sports karate members in the State

When your child is our student, we’ll guide them through our nationally recognized training program that will give them the tools and guidance they need to master the art of karate.

How Much Is a Karate Class?

The price of our classes varies depending on the membership level and the class(es) you sign up for. Feel free to check out our options by following the link on our Get Started page or give us a call so we can discuss what you’re looking for and which option is best for you.

We also offer a one-class free trial and a discounted rate for a three-class trial so your child can try out the program.

Is Karate Gear Included in the Training Class?

At our academy, safety is our top priority, which is why all students are provided with our high-quality gear, all of which are recognized and trusted in the martial arts industry.

For details about the particular gear we supply, feel free to inquire when you call for more information.

Sign Up for Kids Karate Now!

Whether you want your child to learn self-defense, gain confidence, or acquire a healthy fitness routine, Scholars Academy’s karate lessons are the key to achieving it all and more. And with great rates, we make it easy for parents to register more than one child.

Reach us at (925) 390-0100 to sign your child up today for our upcoming classes.