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What We Offer Flyer: Q&A

We are offering our members the following: Youth Karate (Traditional Karate, Sport Karate, Kickboxing, Basic BJJ, Bully Awareness, Life Skills, the basic goal of making your parents proud). This class comes with belt promotions, leadership training, and so much more.

Kickboxing (kicking and punching) basic strikes, combinations and an amazing cardio workout. Real Self Defense that you can apply!

Family Kickboxing (Kicking and punching with your kids) Kids need to attend with their parent(s). Basic striking and a huge cardio kickboxing class.

Form: Learn Balance, improve coordination, and so much. It's really different for everyone.

We will have different functions and events throughout the year as COVID-19 restrictions are lifted but until then this is what we are offering to best serve our community.


Can I take other classes other than Karate?

Answer: Most definitely! In fact, that's the beauty of what we offer. Students are in-couraged to take family kickboxing, forms, and attend their Karate class to be a well rounding martial artist. Just don't burn yourself out. Student members are able to take as many courses that are offered as long as they meet the age requirements and at no extra cost.

What if I am a teen in the Senior class, Can I go to Kickboxing as well?

Answer: Yes! You can train daily if you want.

How do I advance in the Kickboxing class?

Answer: There are no belts in the kickboxing class. You just get better the more you train.

Can I train with my kid?

Answer: Most definitely. Just register, sign up, and show up!

What is Registration?

Answer: It allows us to hook you up with everything you need for class.

What do we need for classes?

Answer: Your Scholar Shirt, Scholar Gloves, and Gear. Because of our insurance, you are only covered if you are using our gear. After we return from break students can only use Scholar gear and must dress out.

Can I attend Any class?

Yes and no! Please attend classes that are age-appropriate. Meaning no kids in the adult kickboxing classes. This is the adult time!

What's the difference between Kickboxing and Karate for kids?

Answer: Kickboxing class is focused on purely kickboxing. It's for individuals who want to become better fighters or want to lose weight and feel great. This is the class to really hone in on your coordination, learn how to fight, and best the very best self-defense out there.

Youth Karate is for students between the ages of 4-18 years old. Students in our karate class not only learn self-defense, how to fight, and get in the best shape of their lives but they also learn when and why to fight. They will compete in the amazing sport of sport karate, learn the form, advance through our 9 stage belt ranking system, and most importantly learn what it takes to be a champion in life. Our main goal at Scholars Academy is to make our parents proud. Our youth karate program is centered around this!

How do I sign up for a class or program?

Answer: Super simple... go to our website, click on "Get Started" and sign up for a trial class or just become a member. It's really that easy! We are always looking for more talent and to help others reach their personal weight loss goals. Our program is designed to help people gain confidence and balance in life.

Do I have to registrar for another program if I'm already a Scholar?

Answer: No, Just sign up.

Can I attend Kickboxing with my Mom?

Answer: You can attend Family Kickboxing with mommy. That would be really fun!

If I sign up 2 people do we both get the discount?Answer: YES! The more people who sign up the bigger the discount.

What if there isn't enough space in class to be safe?

Answer: These are challenging times for us all. We will cross that bridge when we get to it. Just let us know that you're interested in a class that is full and we'll do our best to add additional classes.

What if I only want to do kickboxing for a little bit of time or if my work schedule changes and I can no longer attend?

Answer: Just let us know. Kickboxing is a month to month membership. You can come one month then freeze a month if you need to. It's totally up to you!

What if I want to sign up with a friend?

Answer: Not a problem. The more the merrier. You'll get huge discounts!

Can we spar?

Answer: Once COVID-19 is on the decline we will have the opportunity to spar within every class but family kickboxing. Regular kickboxing is at the end of the day to give us an hour or so to test our skills.

What's the difference between ZOOM classes and in-person classes?

Answer: Zoom classes are 30-minute sessions 3 times a week and in-person are 45-minute classes 2 times a week basically. Zoom classes are done at home but are just as intense as the in-person classes. The biggest difference is that you will have a training partner in the in-person classes. This is to limit your contact with others in classes.

Please note: Because of COVID-19 students are encouraged to practice social distancing at all times at the academy.

With the different belt cycle, how long will it take me to get my black belt?

Answer: It really depends on when you start. Although black belt is a goal, it's not the only goal at Scholars Academy. We want you to enjoy the journey to black belt and learn as much as possible along the way. If you start as a junior student it will take about 3 or 4 years to obtain a black belt. Testing is every 2 months.

I didn't martial arts at another school. Can I keep my belt?

Answer: We will test you to see where you fit in our belt system. Remember not every martial arts program is the same. A Scholar Yellow belt is not the same as a yellow belt from down the street. Your belt represents the quality instruction and fundamentals of the program you are coming from. We take great pride in our students and what they have learned along their journey. Whether you are a Yellow belt or a Black belt the lessons learned are unique to us. We believe the same would be true for a any school.

What if I forget to dress out for class?

Answer: Depending on whether or not this is a recurring issue we will ask you to sit out or train in what you have on. However, because we are a team looking to teach our student members how to be responsible we ask that you remember to dress out daily.